Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What to do when the cat wakes you up at 1:30AM

The obvious answer is go back to sleep. What I actually did was get up and pack for moving day. However after a morning (night?) of packing and an afternoon hauling and unloading stuff, I crashed at 7PM last night. Still, it was a pretty darn productive day!

The electricians have been busily installing lights and switches and outlet covers. I had picked up a couple of antique lights at the Habitat for Humanity Restore (if you've never gone to one of these, you definitely should) and we determined that one base was a dead loss and one had to be gutted and new hardware installed. I bought a new base for the globe and the electrician took care of the other. Now both are up and I love them!

My cracker jar lights also came out great. I will not have to worry about casting shadows over my work zones in this new kitchen. And the bee stencils really show well. I used glass frosting spray paint rather than etching medium on these and it worked really well. It does however scratch rather easily. For lights that won't be handled often, that's okay, but if I was going to do a decorative jar for counter use I'd definitely use the real etching stuff.

The industrial outlet over the island-to-be is so cool. I smile every time I look at it. And we installed it to plug in rather than be hardwired just in case I stop smiling sometime in the future. It will be easy to take down if I ever change my mind.

I had pictures to go with each of these paragraphs and managed to lose them. Camera fail; argh. So taking replacement pics is definitely on the agenda.

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  1. Please do take pictures - they really say it all!

    (well except for the cat trying to wake you up; weve got our own so we dont need pictures LOL)