Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Weather extremes

October 30th:

November 6th:

 Wonder what this winter will be...

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Using the broadfork

We got some unexpected warm weather (70 in November? Really?) so I decided to fluff the garden soil before winter set in. 

In the first picture the right side of the garden has been forked while the left is still untouched. You can kind of see a color difference.

This close up shows clods of dirt on the right, smooth soil on left.

Basically you jam the tines into the dirt then leverage the handles back and down to cut through the soil. You’re not tilling so much as, well, fluffing.

This is a good shot showing worked and virgin soil. 

The chickens think I’m brilliant with my new scratching technique. 

It’s still a fair workout but much easier than my old garden fork method.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 Whatever comes out of this election, at least people really came out to vote.

We were fortunate. Our very small, very rural town had a very “normal” voting day. No line, no waiting, and friendly people to hand out supplies. Everyone was wearing masks and they had brand new pens and styluses for folks to use. We’d brought our own as that’s what was recommended on several voting information sites and we got some very good natured ribbing and congratulations for doing so. 

Amazing how normal it all seemed despite the pandemic, the rallies, and the marches. Despite, in fact, how very abnormal our world actually is right now. 

I wonder how normal tomorrow will be.