Monday, May 3, 2021

Ways to use up eggs

The hens are laying like crazy so I’ve got to really work to keep ahead of production. So now we’re eating eggs two meals a day rather than just for breakfast. This could get boring fast.

Breakfast is now cold custard and toast. Four ramekins use one egg each but we only eat one ramekin per meal (we split one). I may need to start making egg rich breads to help this out.

Lunch is an egg scramble with veggies. This solves the added issue of what to do with garden produce and is a quick to prepare meal while we’re doing all the chores this time of year brings. It also adds variety since you can change up the flavors based on which vegetables or meats you add. I’m also thinking of doing some Asian inspired dishes like cabbage pancakes and tempuras. 

Dessert, ah dessert, that’s where you can really shine. And use eggs. Lots of eggs.

Chocolate pecan pie 

Baked banana pudding 

The pecan pie uses four eggs and tastes wonderful. Unfortunately it’s also so rich that one piece is enough so it lasts a while.

The banana pudding is that Chef John recipe I mentioned earlier and has the added advantage that you can eat it for breakfast. 

That’s still not enough to use up all the eggs but combined with some sharing I can just keep ahead of the hens.