Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Moving day

Moving day! It arrived with snow but we got lucky and it died down to just wet and sort of chilly. Not bad at all considering it's February in upstate NY.

The family arrived bright and early to help and they did great! We got not only the furniture moved but most the miscellaneous jetsam too. There is very little left in the old house and we will have that moved and the house cleaned for closing next week. Woot!

Most of the crew
What I noticed most that day was all the smiles. We worked hard but there was a lot of laughing mixed in.  It made for a pleasant work day.


More smiles
Up at Beech House it was again necessary to ask the tractor for assistance. 
Easy does it...
The Bridge was an awesome entry point for furniture and boxes. Plus we're storing stuff out there as long as it can take the freezing temperatures. Keeps it out from under foot as we sort out and unpack.

Tractor assist

Got a laugh this time
I got up before sunrise the next morning and started to set up my temporary kitchen. I was so excited to be there I just couldn't sleep. Since it'll be at least a year until I get cabinetry (gotta cut down the trees, cut the boards, then let them dry before Chris can build them) so I wanted a fairly robust set up. So far it's working well.

Temporary kitchen

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