Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Not your typical spring

We’ve had terrible weather this spring. Mainly because it’s been so nice. That’s right, I’m complaining about sunny days. I mean, there was that one freak snowfall that gave us over an inch of heavy wet snow, but otherwise it’s been incredibly dry.  

This is all kinds of wrong

Where are my April showers to bring May flowers? How is my beautiful garden supposed to fill with healthy veggies if we don’t get rain?

All kidding aside, the yard and garden are bone dry. And although the chickens enjoy the dust baths this is not good for anyone.

When we built the tractor shed in 2008 it rained for 8 weeks straight. We were soggy messes every single day. The creeks ran full and the mosquitoes were fierce. And every year since then we’ve had a little less rain. Dry April, dry May, and finally some rain in June. Not sure if this year will be a repeat but we’re already planning. We have two large rain containers set up to collect as much as possible. And we have another barrel that we may set up soon.

The forecast calls for rain for the next three days. Here’s hoping.