Monday, February 4, 2013

Drywall progress and moving

We snuck up to Beech House Sunday morning to see how far the drywallers got the day before. Answer: far!

Pantry/Nook/My space
The light through the windows really bounces around now. It's much brighter inside as a result.

Looking into living room
I was amazed at how large the rooms seemed. The pictures don't really convey this, but the sense of space and light is great. I'm itching to get started with paint and furniture. Chris reminds me that we've got a ways to go and a lot to do (a little thing like moving a household full of goods plays into that) but this is something to look forward to.
Master bedroom
Since we were headed up anyway, we moved boxes. I've got two rooms packed so far and we've been moving boxes every chance we get. Now most of the stuff is stored on the Bridge; at least the stuff that won't freeze anyway. It was 11 degrees up there yesterday.

Another tractor assist
Chris loaded the front bucket and then used it to lift the boxes up to me on the Bridge. Made quick work of all those boxes especially as we don't actually have stairs inside yet. I'm going to be sad once we have to put railings up. Gotta remember to make them removable in case we want to move a piano or something up there (just kidding Hubby! I promise, no pianos).

They still have the mudroom and utility room to hang plus some purple rock in the bathroom. Then they'll start taping and mudding and sanding. I thought it was a mess in there yesterday - apparently I haven't seen anything yet.

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