Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And now we're painting

We're moving all our worldly possessions this weekend and wanted to get paint on Beech House before we filled it up with stuff. Went up yesterday with paint colors in hand, bought much paint, and got started. Succeeded in getting two coats of paint downstairs and one upstairs. Ran out of time for more but that's an excellent start.

We have used our neutral paint color on three buildings now - and it looks different on all three. We like that it's a chameleon and turns shade depending on the lighting. At the moment it's a bit browner than I'd expected but we'll see what different lighting conditions bring. Plus furniture and accessories always have an impact as well. 

The main color
Chris has a power painter that sprays the paint onto the roller and makes it all go much faster. He got the big room done in the amount of time it took me to do the bathroom and half the pantry.
Well used machine
The only room that I decided to paint a different shade is the DS bathroom. I went with a very dark shade of purplish-grey and I absolutely love it. We'll have slate tile in the shower surround, white fixtures (including the big soaking tub), and brushed nickel lights and bars. I was going to do a colored trim but now that I see the walls I've decided to go with a bright white trim instead. It'll make everything pop and I'm so thrilled with how this color came out!

Dramatic colors - ooooh
And it decided to snow a bit while we were there. Big fluffy flakes that didn't last very long but were oh so pretty. And next week I'll be able to sit on the sofa, have a cup of coffee, and just watch it coming down instead of having to get in the truck and drive back to get another load of stuff. Ahhh.

Pretty snow (and I have to get rid of those railings!)

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