Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cleaning and touches of home

After we painted it was time to do some clean up. Needed to get the construction debris and the paper covering out of there.

Pre-clean up
Under the paper the floor was still coated in drywall dust. Except it had turned to drywall paste due to the water brought in on all our boots. Ick. Spent way too much time mopping to get it up.

Paper gone. Some mopping done.
It's slowly coming up. The good news is that since it's well and truly stuck to the floor it isn't creating dust anymore. Does that count as a win?

The electricians have been working on finish wiring. My kitchen pendants are up and they came out much better than I'd even hoped. What started as a cost savings measure (I'm still in lighting sticker shock), ended as a cute feature. A word of caution if you want to do this - the glass frosting spray paint I used worked great but scratches a bit more easily than I expected. Fine for something that won't be handled often, but if I were to do a matching jar I would use real etching medium instead.

Frosted bee pendants
And it's amazing what two plants can do to make a place seem more like a home.

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