Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And a chipping we will go

Friends traded labor for firewood and cut down all the trees on the build site. Some were big enough to turn into lumber so he left those for us. Otherwise he got to keep anything he cut. This was an enormous help as he got it done in about two weeks versus the months it took us to partially clear the lot last summer.
He also did a great job of stacking the tops so that we could easily chip them. We rented a big chipper for 24 hours and got all the limbs cleared.
Wonky wood going into the rented chipper

We've officially got a building permit and a 911 address so we can start talking to the power company. Hoping hard that we've budgeted enough for the power run. We know it won't be cheap since we're so far off the road, but are firmly convinced it will be worth it to be isolated in the woods.
So now we're ready to start the excavation!
The site is starting look like a house will fit on it

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ta Da!

And we have construction drawings! Much information is contained on these gems - septic plan, plumbing layout, energy info, and so on, and so on. Chris heads to town this week to start the permitting process. Woo-hoo!