Sunday, June 10, 2012

Digging stumps, picking rock, and finding sinks

One big stump

Now that the trees are down we're starting to clean the building site. Lots of rocks to be scavenged for future projects like rock walls, the woodstove wall, and flagstone patios. Also lots of really big stumps that need to be pulled and moved. We've pushing them off the hill and letting them roll as far as possible. Of course they inevitably catch on each other and bunch up - but I'm liking the look. The rain is washing the dirt from the roots and they're starting to look like those cool stump fences that people pay insane amounts of money for. So we're getting them for free!

Future woodstove wall

Speaking of free, we scavenged two porcelain bathroom sinks from a bath remodel. They're in excellent shape but the folks who had them are changing the style so didn't want them anymore. We'll use one in the downstairs bath and the other in the laundry room. The big bathroom sink we got from the Habitat for Humanity Restore ($5!) will go upstairs after all. Chris is already planning the bath vanity for it - we've got some interesting ideas on how to make it attractive and functional. Always an awesome goal.