Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moving the hobby truck

One of Chris's many interests is restoring a 1954 Chevy truck. It's a true hobby - fun, interesting, and a definite learning experience. It also eats up a lot of space (like any good hobby). We haven't been able to park in the garage for years as the truck slowly went from a whole unit to completely disassembled (we now officially have parts in three counties). With the sale of the house he had to move it up to the new place. And as you can see, it's not in any condition to get there under its own power.

Our friend Al came to our aid and helped Chris move it today. First they winched the chassis up onto the trailer. 

Ever wonder what a chassis looked like?
Then they rolled out the cab. This is all that's left of our big snow storm. We got lucky - only about 8 inches fell on us.

Cab on heavy-duty dolly
Then they hefted the cab up onto the chassis. That puppy weighs around 500 pounds and the guys managed to lift it onto the trailer just fine (definite grunting involved - very manly).

Then they strapped it down for the drive north. 

The transport went well and it's now happily resting in the north bay of the garage. Chris will have room for his welding equipment and mechanics tools up there and I'll still be able to park in the middle bay. A win for both of us.

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