Sunday, February 17, 2013

Priming the walls

Drywall is done and we spent a full two days priming the walls and ceilings.

Realizing this stuff sprays everywhere
Love this primer - it's sold by the place we bought our drywall and it's called Sheetrock First Coat - a very original name. No marketing dollars wasted here, let me tell ya. Thicker than typical primer it feels a bit chalky to the touch. And it covers great! It also spatters everything within a five foot radius. Fortunately we started upstairs where the floors are still plywood so no damage was done. Once we realized how much this stuff sprayed we covered the first floor with paper (again) before painting downstairs.

We also needed to shroud the wood stove and stove pipe to protect them. Obviously couldn't do this with the stove hot so we let it cool overnight and then painted around it early the next morning before building another fire. The house is holding heat wonderfully so we didn't even have a chance to get uncomfortable before starting an afternoon fire. Awesome! Took the opportunity to do a finish coat on the ceiling around the wood stove too so we wouldn't have to cover it again.

Well protected stove

Action photo!
Chris is painting inside the stairwell. There will be a finished closet beneath the staircase so we wanted to prime and paint in there too.
First coat coverage

Cutting in

He's always covered in paint...
I'm still packing the Troy house and making great progress. Good enough in fact that Chris is taking a couple days to put the finish coats on the Beech House rather than helping me. So much easier to paint before moving all our stuff into the house! Paint color decision was easy - we're using the same color that we used in Troy: Ralph Lauren Veranda color matched in some other paint brand (sorry - won't pay RL prices). The whole house will be that shade and I'll use fabrics and accessories to add style and pops of color. I prefer a neutral backdrop so I can easily update or change things around. I may paint accent walls later on - need to live in the space for a while before I can make those types of choices.

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