Friday, April 26, 2019

Spring, glorious spring

This week has been magical. Perfect Spring weather - warm sun, cool breeze, rainy nights. Perfect.

I've (finally) planted my peas; built up parts of the flower garden with rotting logs, leaves, and new soil; put in some gorgeous pansies; painted the new beehive; started a stone garden wall; planted a Mulberry tree; whittled door pulls; and cooked another de-boned turkey which then saved me from any additional cooking for days. Gotta love leftovers.

Mixed up in all the worth-noting projects are all the tasks that you get done but don't really mark as an accomplishment. And that's a shame because they take time, energy, and focus. Stuff like raking leaves, running errands, moving gravel, and cleaning up all the winter mess. Those individual things don't seem to amount to much but when looked at from the end of the week, boy do you realize how much better everything looks and how tired you feel. In a good way though.

Celebrate those little tasks!

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