Tuesday, April 2, 2019

March 2019 - 138

138. That's how many eggs I got from the six chickens in the month of March. I had mentioned that I wasn't thrilled with this flock and they apparently decided to prove me wrong.

We're now getting five or six eggs per day and breakfast is yummy indeed.

They're still bored with all the snow but the last few days have seen a dramatic reduction in the amount covering the ground. There are officially bare patches of dirt/grass at the edges of the driveway, near rock walls, and at the base of trees. I figure it'll all be gone except in the deep ditches by this weekend. Woot!

It's even been warm enough that I've let them out to scratch at that fresh dirt and grass. I can sit in a chair, read a book, and keep on eye on them. After losing most of the last flock to marauding foxes I'm afraid to just let them free-range. Fortunately it's not exactly a hardship to sit in the sun and listen to them coo.

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