Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday April 19,2020 Statistics

From The Times Union website:

Total COVID-19 cases:
• 242,570 in New York state, including 18,921 deaths. 596,532 total tested.
• 742,442 in the U.S., including 40,585 deaths. 67,052 recovered. 3,723,634 total tested.
• 2,375,443 worldwide, including 164,716 deaths. 611,430 recovered.
PAUSE was extended to May 15. They say relaxing restrictions will depend on testing (at least in NY anyway) but tests are still in short supply. So we’ll see how that plays out.
In the meantime, we’re working on putting up the big garden fence. This will not only keep out deer, it’ll give the chickens another secure place to range. It’s nearly time to start limiting their free ranging as it’s almost fox time. The kits should be learning to hunt soon and this is when I seem to lose birds. 

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