Monday, April 27, 2020

Lots of breads

I bake bread. Lots and lots of bread. Fortunately that means I have plenty of yeast and flour on hand all the time. And thanks to a friend, I also have sourdough starter that I’ve been experimenting with for months. So the shortages haven’t really impacted us. After all, I usually have five or six different types of flour in quantities of 5 to 50 pounds as a matter of course. And my family used to make fun of me...ha!

Here’s some of what we’ve been enjoying:

Sourdough discard popovers 
Sourdough boule with onion, garlic, poppy, and sesame seeds 
New flatbread recipe from my sister-in-law
Grilling it
Excellent improvisation: beans, cheese, salsa, greens  
I didn’t get pictures of the english muffins or cinnamon loaves. Next up is my first attempt at pumpernickel. Gotta go boil some potatoes...

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