Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sunday April 12, 2020 Statistics

From The Times Union website:

Total COVID-19 cases:
• 189,020 in New York state, including 9,385 deaths
• 547,681 in the U.S., including 21,692 deaths
• 1,835,373 worldwide, including 113,672 deaths. 402,110 recovered
Some talk in the world news of other countries slowly coming out of this. Spain, Italy, Germany, France, and the UK are still under lockdown but starting to see a flattening of the infection curve. 
The whole world has been hard hit. No real answer as to treatment or vaccines yet but it’s still early days despite how upside-down everything is. 
We are doing well and still know no one who has been infected. Our friends and family are staying home and we’re all just waiting for this to be over.
In not so depressing news, Spring is here. Plants are coming up, the chickens are laying, the gardens have been prepped for planting, the chicks are growing, and I’ve got all of my seed pods planted. Actually, that all sounds pretty good.

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