Thursday, April 2, 2020


I spent yesterday afternoon in the greenhouse planting seeds. It was glorious. The sun was warm coming through the roof, there was a light cool breeze blowing through the eaves, and it was just so peaceful. Also, productive; I got a lot done. 

All my 8-week plants
These were mostly peppers, sweet and hot, and tomatoes. They should be ready to transplant by Memorial Day which is when it’s warm enough to put tender plants in the ground up here. These are way more plants than I typically grow but since I’m starting from seed this year I wanted safety stock in case I don’t get good germination. And if they all do grow? That just means I can share with friends.

I’ll be planting my 6-week seeds today so that I can get those in around Mother’s Day. I also have hardy ground crops to plant in the main garden, radishes and peas, but need to figure out my layout first. That’s planned for this morning while I wait for the day to heat up a bit.

Inspecting the fall greenhouse beds revealed not only some lettuce sprouts, but this little guy.
It’s alive!
That is a kale plant. Couldn’t believe it. Maybe some of the others will resurrect as well.

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