Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The answer to the question "what to do with all the books?"

When I designed the house I made a rather large error - I forgot to build in space for our books. Now, for some folks that wouldn't be a big deal. For us? A pretty major oversight. Nowadays most of our books are purchased as e-books but we still have many, many physical books that we frequently re-read. So we needed a spot for them. Last fall when I installed the hardwood flooring and then trimmed the rooms, we also build some bookshelf molding in the studio. Now that the bathroom was finished and I was trying to get more of the books put away, I decided it would work in the bedroom too. So, another 20 linear feet of bookshelf went up. 

The shelf sits on a small sill that is screwed to studs. Then hooks are strategically spaced in studs and the shelf front is tied to the hooks with rope. Kinda cool really.

Attaching the rope (and look - slippers!)
The sill
Sections of shelf; see the rope supports?
Many, many books
And many more books
Yes, you need a step ladder to get down a book. I'm short - I need a step ladder to reach just about anything in the house anyway so this is no issue for me. And we now have all the books out where we can see the spines instead of stacked and stored in boxes. Much better.


  1. Very clever way to store all those books.

    1. Thanks! I admit I now realize that I also need to organize the darn things. Having them spread through two rooms makes it harder to find a specific book. Need a rainy day when I can get them down and sort by author.