Monday, June 11, 2018

Upstairs bathroom finished

The upstairs bathroom is finished! Actually, it's been finished for about a month but I've finally taken photos. Oh well, better late than never, right?

While finishing the bathroom we also finished the trim throughout the upstairs so lots got done all at once. Nice!

Racks in the shower
We bought an inexpensive hollow-core door and I painted it with an interesting blue / blue-gray wash effect. Love pocket doors since they take no swing-space but hate those little metal pull tabs that are typically installed. Anyone else have a terrible time with those? And I've got little fingers; I have no idea how people with large hands grasp those things. So I decided to forgo the pull tab and put on a leather strap instead. It's soft enough that it crushes when the door is fully closed but hangs out enough it's easy to grab. Win.
Using the leather punch to create a screw hole
And here are the finished photos:
Cabinet and trim (mirror temporary)
Window trim 
The "closet"
From the dressing room
Totally love the tile rug
Feels great to be finished and it's wonderful to have a functioning bathroom upstairs now. Plus this means we can finally install the soaking tub in the downstairs bath. Woot!

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