Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Volunteering in Puerto Rico

There was a tremendous amount of devastation when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Many people sent donations of money, goods, and their own time to aid those effected. Unfortunately, there is still so very much that needs to be done. One of the blogs I follow, www.jennifermurch.com went down with her entire family to rebuild a house. I was so amazed at the energy and commitment required to take 4 months of their life (and all four of their kids) to restore the home of a person they'd never met.

And then she called for volunteers. I mentioned it to Chris on a Saturday, he thought about it for a day, filled out the application Monday, was accepted by Wednesday and BOOM! by the next Saturday he'd left for San Juan.

The reception he received was warm and energetic. Hopefully you followed the link to get the story about the woman whose home was to be rebuilt. Chris says she lost everything right down to the chickens.

I have no pictures to share as Chris was too busy doing stuff to take any. Fortunately Jennifer captured the energy, and the dirt, for us.

Energy boost

Chris is home now and sleeping off the travel fugue. He says it was an amazing experience.

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