Saturday, June 18, 2016

The kitty

T'bd likes the new border of river rock that we put next to the porch. It gets great southern sunlight and apparently stays warm even once it's in shade. 

Aren't those rocks hard?
She's not overly fond of photographs.
No. You're bothering me.
She really loves the big rocks we're using for patio stones (a project we started last year and that resulted in me seriously damaging my neck/shoulder. Haven't gotten back to it yet). She carefully tests the rocks until she finds exactly the right one, then stretches out and sleeps on its radiant warmth.
Sun on the belly. Ahhhh. 


  1. I love kitties!! And she's a beauty, not to mention really smart, I bet that stone is so warm.

  2. She's a real woods-kitty now; amazing how well she made the transition from town to country.