Monday, June 13, 2016

Chris's latest adventure - ARC from Bermuda to Portsmouth VA

Chris joined the ARC rally for a week-long trip from Bermuda to Portsmouth VA. This is the second time he's done a last-minute sailing trip and it proves to be quite an adventure. Basically, he finds a captain that needs crew, figures out where to meet them, and gets there. After that, it's all up to fate.

Sunny Bermuda
Some ARC boats
Wandering the town
Always in trouble
Fortunately not as much trouble as this guy...
Heading out
The boat
Gorgeous start to the trip
More wow
Uh, oh...
This isn't good. At all.
A pleasant start to the voyage turned into a bit of a hair-raiser. Two big storms. A broken engine. A generator that wouldn't start. A wind-meter that went kablooie. 

Ominous horizon
A break between storms
A chance to catch their breath 
Next storm moving in

This is what a Coast Guard boat looks like in the dark on heavy seas. It's a cool effect, but it's from wave activity making the lights trail in the moment it takes to snap a photo. In other words, everything is moving out there.
Light show 
What you look like after 6 days with little sleep
Keeping humor during the storm
Snatching a moment of unconsciousness
This is one of those trips that makes you realize that there is a reason they call it an "adventure". But he's home safe and sound now. And will likely find another captain in need of crew.

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