Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Make me feel better about 2014, please...

So Chris was a bit depressed by the goal update post. He wanted me to expand on the "obviously things got done that weren't on the list" comment. So here goes - other stuff that got done:

We started clearing trees for the apple orchard which had the added advantage of giving us firewood.

We cleaned out and built shelves for the utility room.

We revamped our storage solutions by cleaning off the porch (again and again), clearing out and reorganizing the garage/workshop, and emptying, adding shelves, and turning the Nest into a storage shed.

We took out the previous living room windows and put in new big ones!

We (well, mainly Chris) helped Dad build an addition onto his house.

We put the porch ceiling up.

We (Chris again) built an equipment shed.

And I spent Thursday mornings working at my local CSA.

So - hopefully this helps with the general feeling of accomplishment around here!

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