Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's that time again - time to see how you did on your goals (groan)

Let's take a look at what got done on the goal list, shall we?

1. Install closet space -  this means the linen/utility closet, the stairwell closet, and the upstairs wardrobes. We've already begun the stairwell closet and the linen/utility closet so we're off to a good start. The stairwell closet got organized (hanging bars, shelves, box storage) but it did not get finished - basically it's missing the door. The linen closet is done though and the clothes closet upstairs just lacks cupboard doors.

2. Create a functional mudroom with seasonal storage, dog crate, bench, and anything else I can think of that will fit and add function so I'm not constantly tripping over our winter boots. Good thing I said functional instead of beautiful. The dog crate moved into the stairwell landing (best idea ever), a tall dresser moved into the mudroom for shoe and hat/mitten storage, and the sewing table moved back into my room for use as actual sewing support (that freed up space for coats and boots). Hooks were hung, coats were stored, and the mudroom works. It is ugly though - no paint on the walls, no paint on the doors, and no character at all. 

3. Design and plant a potager. I had tomatoes and basil last year. Let's see if I can get a whole Italian meal going. While planning this one out I think I'll add designing the Eastside patio & grill area (since I intend for all of them to be connected). I'm going to count this one a win even though it didn't quite work out (very few veggies). The overall design is done and I learned a lot about where to put stuff and will be able to better locate the beds in the future.

4. Stain interior windows and add trim. Stain, yes. Trim, no. Wood still drying, sigh.

5. Finish the exterior siding, including window and door trim. Probably ought to paint the doors while we're at it. Done! Done, done, done! 

6. Tile the Bridge and install walls and ceiling (oh boy, getting ambitious). Well, I did say I was getting ambitious. Didn't even try.

7. Finish painting the interior walls rather than waiting for baseboards and ceiling trim to be installed. Done downstairs. Mostly done upstairs.

8. Install railings for real (we have safety railings up right now). Nope.

9. Finish the stairwell by adding permanent treads and a pretty landing. Nope again.

10. Finish the downstairs bathroom sink cabinet. Done.

11. Build and populate a chicken coop. Not sure if I want layers or meats at this point. I'm leaning toward meats since we're not sharing a beef cow this year and we'll need to fill the freezer with something. Ha! Didn't even try. Freezer got filled with veggies from my CSA share.

Several of these goals are dependent on us getting our hardwood logs sawn into boards this summer (which did get done) And all of them would go much easier if we got this next one done:

12. Build Chris's woodworking shop. A project that would smooth the way for pretty much all of the goals mentioned above. Picked the location and decided on a design, but nothing else was done.

Obviously other things got done that weren't on the list so I think it was a productive year. We've decided to do the 2015 goal list a bit differently -  we're going to focus on just the 1st quarter projects and add/adjust as needed. That way we can make allowances for weather and other circumstances that we failed to take into account - like the wood needing to dry for a year before you can use it for trim for example.

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