Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Progress on my room

*Sigh*. Is there any better feeling than having a tidy closet? Okay - no comments about beating cancer or having babies or saving children from burning buildings. I want to enjoy my closet after-glow. Okay, moment over.

I tackled the freezer closet! I relocated some items to the armoire and then moved around shelves and shuffled goods. When I first set up the closet last year I just unpacked a bunch of boxes and stuffed all the stuff (lots and lots of stuff) on the shelves figuring that as I used things they'd kind of self-organize. Yeah...that doesn't actually work. Instead the items you use a lot end of jammed around the stuff you hardly ever touch and it gets more and more frustrating. I'm sure we've all been there.

But now I have room! Actually, that's been an overriding theme to this whole house design and build. Have room for the stuff you do and use - but not too much room. I didn't want to build a tiny house nor a McMansion. I just wanted something the right size for how we live.

Anyway, back to the closet. The items I used frequently over the last year got moved to the lower shelves. The small appliances that don't fit in the kitchen right now (still don't have the kitchen cabinets built because the wood is still drying) are on the bottom shelf where they are easy to grab. Entertaining platters (did anyone else just get a mental picture of dishes dancing around with top hat and cane?) which I thought would end up on the top shelf actually get used all the time and are now front and center. It's just wonderful. And I have my ladder conveniently stored to the right so I can easily reach the highest shelves (I love our 9 foot ceilings). 

Tidy! Usable!
Of course, that leaves this mess to be dealt with. That bakers rack is full of boxes. Boxes full of fabric, project materials, paperwork, and office supplies. And it's all gotta go somewhere in this room. 

This photo actually shows improvement. Argh.
I'm in the process of cleaning off the rack so I can move it out of there. Most of the boxes are full of fabric and project materials; they'll get moved upstairs temporarily. The file cabinets will be moved to where the rack is now and will serve as a temporary desk. Then I'll move in my antique sewing table and the free Craig's list dresser so I can actually unpack some of the boxes instead of just shuffling them around. Then it's building a loft bed (more storage space!) and creating a center work island. And I want to figure out a cute way to paint the dresser too.

Know what, I'm going to go look at my freezer closet again. I need to recapture that feeling of peace.


  1. Good for you!! I know what you mean about organization bringing about a feeling of peace. :) Loved the linked to story about why it isn't a tiny house or a mcmansion. So happy you two planned the perfect nest to suit you.

    1. Thanks Staci! We're loving the house and how well it functions.