Friday, December 5, 2014

Quick change in the weather

I mentioned we had a snowy Thanksgiving; I didn't mention how quickly we went from sunny and warm to snowing and cold though.

On the 25th we decided it was time to set up the porch wood cribs. We keep two racks on our porch so that it's easy to grab wood for the stove. Takes about eight trips with the tractor to completely fill the cribs and we'll have to do this several times throughout the winter as we use up the wood. Makes for extra work to have the wood lot away from the house but I prefer it that way. Tarps are not overly attractive after all.

Nicely stacked but still ugly
 It was a gorgeous day for this chore. Sunny, warm, dry.
T-shirt weather
 We took a break and went for a hike too. Here is the landscape on Tuesday.
 And here is it Thanksgiving morning.
We got snow!
The creek
The house does look pretty all blanketed in white. And we got the wood moved so it was easy to keep the stove going all weekend.
Snuggled in for the winter

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