Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This, that, the other

My Room is taking up most of my attention right now. But it's a huge job. Not because the room is big but because there is so much going on in there. So many functions to be served (admittedly, they're all my functions, but still -a lot of them to consider). I find that I go in, stare at stuff, move an item or two, and stare some more. So I figured a break was in order.

Cooper agreed. Walkies!
Love that sky. Tree is pretty too.


What Cooper does after walkies. 
I worked on My Room some more and then took another break to make this bread. I originally found the recipe here and like her instruction/measurements a bit more. This bread is consistent - always light, good crumb, and great cinnamon flavor. And I finally got the swirl just right!

Tastes fantastic
This works out perfectly - I work on My Room while it rises and get a slice of hot cinnamon bread as a reward at the end. Yum!

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