Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas morning walk

We had a great snow storm last week - incredibly wet, heavy snow that came down one day and into the next. It was so heavy that it didn't look like much accumulation but when we tried to move it, it just didn't go any where. Couldn't throw it, couldn't shovel it, could barely scoop it with the tractor front loader. 

It was gorgeous on the trees. Temperatures were low and the sky was a leaden grey.

Cooper enjoying the heavy snow
Then this week the rain began and everything started melting off (I'll be posting stream pictures soon). It's been grey and sloppy all week.

However Christmas morning dawned bright and sunny. The morning walk was a great way to start the holiday.

Bright morning light

These rocks were coated in ice four days ago

Streams are full

Golden light
The whole day was full of sunlight and temperatures were in the low 40s. What a fantastic holiday!


  1. It's beautiful, what a lovely place to live. Merry Christmas.