Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Equipment area

I was going to title this post "Equipment shed" but realized that this doesn't quite qualify. It's more of a lean-to type thing. Rough construction at its best. 

Fresh cut limbs as support
It will provide covered storage for all the stuff that seems to accumulate on a homestead - old sinks that will someday be installed on the garden shed, water barrels destined for the garden, sawhorses that need a spot to live when they're not being utilized - the kind of stuff that is wonderfully useful and really ugly. 

Slab wood for the roof supports
All the wood is fresh cut and came from clearing the space for the shed. The slab wood is from the saw milling we did this summer (boy, that wood just keeps coming in handy).
Good use of the chainsaw
So far Chris says he's got $5 invested in this project - he had to buy a box of screws. I'm thinking he's gonna end up with some change leftover.
Two bays wide
It'll be roofed with more limbs and slab wood for this year. If it's still standing in the spring, we'll invest in some roofing tin and call it done.

Definitely need to straighten that post
Fortunately this area is behind the tractor shed and hidden from sight. And once it's done we'll be able to store all kinds of useful stuff in it.

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