Friday, December 12, 2014

The armoire is done!

Painted! Reassembled! And it came out great!

Putting the back panel on
See all the crap everywhere? This armoire is going to help so much. It's main function is going to be for pantry items like bulk baking ingredients, big platters, and that kind of stuff. At least that's the plan at the moment. I find that I like to live with a situation for a little while, see if it works, see if something else needs to be done, and then adjust accordingly.

The doors needed some fru-fru to make them prettier. I picked a fun stencil, taped off the pattern and got to work. Went much faster than I thought it would.
Stencil in place
 Now the doors are on and I've started to fill it.
I love these colors
Every time I look in the corner I do a double-take - it's so bright and happy. I used a different stencil in two spots. A bird/tree that I think works well with the squiggles. I'll use birds and trees to tie the other disparate pieces of furniture together too.
I used the Apple Green for the stencil and painted the back panel, inside door panels, and shelf lips with it too. I like the contrast against the lighter Fresh Cut Grass.
Good shot of the two tones of paint. Subtle, huh?
I don't have much in it yet because I'm still fussing with what goes where. I'm sure it won't take long to fill it though. This officially kicks off the room reorganization process as I move stuff out of the freezer closet, rearrange those shelves, fill the china hutch, and prepare to move in the dresser. Gonna be a busy winter.

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