Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We're supposed to be working on the upstairs clothes closet but seem to keep getting distracted. Good weather makes us want to be outside and the snow melt has the stream banks running full (pictures coming soon). So we're doing all kinds of stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with closets. We are:

Putting on the tractor's backhoe - which means we took off the snow thrower!

Throwing mushy snowballs for the dog

Clearing trees for firewood and a future apple orchard

Taking pictures of funny snow animals

Practicing our agility training

Walking. A lot.

Removing a tree that overhung Dad's garage
We've also been clearing off the front porch and putting the table and chairs in place. Yes, it's time to sit and enjoy the sunshine before bug season to arrives. We'll take advantage of these black-fly-free days while we can; it'll be soon enough to get back on indoor projects.

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