Monday, December 29, 2014

At least I can work in it now

My room continues to come along. The armoire is painted and organized. 

The top is for extra baking supplies & platters
The bottom holds craft & sewing supplies
The twin bed has been cleared of non-bed related stuff (flat surface syndrome had struck it hard). The filing cabinets are being used as a temporary desk area. 

The antique sewing table is in place and is once again being used to support a sewing machine. I even got to do a bit of sewing! 
For some reason I didn't take a photo of the sewing table alone. Huh.
The boxes that were on the chrome bakers rack are now either in temporary storage upstairs or they are on moving dollies under the work tables (love my moving dollies!). Chris has been busily planing the rough cut pine boards smooth so that he can build my semi-loft bed - that will get the twin bed off the floor and give me storage underneath (that's where the box/dollie combinations will reside). 

And we moved the Craig's List dresser in today. It's in good enough shape that I can use it as-is. I'll paint it at my leisure (guess that means it's a craft project rather than a task. It's all in how you think about it). 
All clean and ready to store sewing materials
The china cabinet now holds the fruits of my summer canning labors as well as empty canning jars ready for next year's crop.
I need to cover the back with a cloth so the contents show better
The work tables in the middle of the room are temporary - they're there to give me an idea of the size I want for my work island. I'm thinking  42" x 42" at the moment, which is actually slightly smaller than the two tables. I want enough surface area for good workspace but need to be able to easily move around the table as well. There are lots of small and large tasks to be done, but the goal will be to keep the room usable throughout the process. Seems doable now.

The bed succumbed to FSS. Again.

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