Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Shoes are done!

We got the shoes done! Ended up adjusting some of the instructions. We didn’t like how he attached the button tab. The instructions said to make a tab with long tails, insert them into the shoe near the heel, tie a “big ugly knot”—yes, that’s a quote— and then hammer it flattish. Huh? Have a knot right where your heel rubs? Now, he acknowledged that this was counterintuitive; that it would seem weird; but that the leather would simply stretch and bulge outward and you’d never notice that knot. Huh. 
We decided against taking that chance and instead laced the tab on using our very soft deer lacing. Then we hammered that flat.

The toggle is made out of a long triangle of leather that you roll and spear. Total pain to make but I love how it looks.

The shoes are form fitting and a bit too small right now.

But I’ve been wearing them for an hour and they are starting to stretch and relax. I still think I want to add a bit of length to the pattern, but these are comfortable enough to wear as is.

Not bad for the first pair.

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