Thursday, March 19, 2020

Bees and garden planning

Well, looks like the bees didn’t survive the winter. Not absolutely positive as we haven’t opened the hive yet, but no bees are being cleared out despite the warm temps.

I know this is common, but we really thought they’d be okay. We put up a hay bale wind break, left the honey super in place, and left them undisturbed. We’ll see what, if anything, we can learn from opening it up. Is there a term for an autopsy on a bee hive? I know an animal autopsy is called a necropsy...

In garden news, the snow has melted off the straw layer and I’ve actually seen some onion shoots leftover from last year. I’ll be doing onions again this year as the crop was great last fall and they lasted us until late January. Not too shabby. I haven’t seen any garlic shoots yet but that’s likely for the best.

I’ve been planning this year’s garden with the greenhouse in mind. I’ll be starting everything from seed rather than buying starts. We’ll see how that works out.

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