Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Chris’s Breeze shirt

It’s done!

And he likes it!

You know it’s love when he interrupts his driveway work to try on the new shirt.

The pattern again came together very easily. I did learn a few things.
1. When repurposing fabric, in this case a linen tablecloth, don’t assume it’s actually symmetrical. The stripes on one end were slightly longer than on the other, which meant my pattern matching front to back wasn’t exact. I fudged it but could have made it much easier on myself if I’d checked before cutting.
2. My serger is awesome. The pattern calls for French seams. They are beautiful and wonderfully functional in that they keep woven fabric from fraying. But they take twice as long to sew as every seam is sewn twice. Serging the seams also stops fraying and is done once. Much faster and I’m so pleased to be learning how to use this piece of equipment.
3. I love this pattern and am already planning another tunic out of some indigo dyed fabric I have in my stash. Just need to see if I have enough.

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