Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday March 27, 2020 Statistics

From The Times Union website:
Total coronavirus cases:
• 39,140 in New York, including 457 deaths.
• 85,996 in the U.S., including 1,296 deaths.
• Worldwide: 542,417. Deaths: 24,358. Recovered: 124,164.
Spring feels as though it’s really here. Most of the snow we got earlier in the week is gone already and it was warm and sunny yesterday. I went into the greenhouse to get ready for seed planting and saw some wee sprouts poking through the lettuce bed. They’re more likely to be weeds than Black Seeded Simpson, but it was great to see them nonetheless.

We’re still isolating; easy to do out here in the woods. I’m cooking from the pantry and so far haven’t needed to get creative in order to make meals tasty. As our inventory gets used I’m sure that will change.

But so far it’s all normal food: knishes, chicken pot pie, steak with green beans and mushroom cream sauce, eggs, waffles, spinach calzones, tuna sandwiches, General Tso’s, spanakopita. Sourdough starter is still strong and I’ve made english muffins out of the discard. Will need to feed it again today so I’ll likely make some bread too.

Everything feels a bit surreal. So much of our daily life is just as it was—project based, homestead oriented—but the whole world is upside down and crooked. Reading the news is a morning obsession but then we put it away for the day (or try to) so that we can focus on the positive: we and those closest to us are healthy at the moment. 

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