Friday, May 11, 2018

Garden update - onions and taters and whatnot

On May 8th I planted 80 onion sets - a mix of red, yellow, and white. What the heck am I going to do with 80 onions all coming mature at the same time?!? That's assuming the chipmunks don't dig them up and make salsa. I gotta make sure Cooper stays out in the garden more this year.

I also planted 8 hills of potatoes. That won't be as many as it sounds especially if they perform like they did last year. And if it does turn out to be a bumper crop, well at least potatoes store well.

The cold frame is doing nothing. It's been 10 days, which is supposedly the germination time frame for the seeds I planted, and the darn thing looks empty. Well, except for one pansy that somehow overwintered from last year. It looks great.

The peas I planted are just starting to poke up their little green heads. The Alaska peas anyway. The Early peas are stubbornly staying hidden. Of course they are - that's what I planted two rows of as opposed to just one of the Alaska. Oh well, I'll switch the ratio in the next planting.

The orchard trees are doing great. Everyone is leafing out and so far no deer have jumped the fence. The blueberry bushes I transplanted last fall are greening up as well. The wild blueberries look stressed but I'm hoping the fertilizer I added helps.

Did I mention the peach trees down in the Grove garden? They survived the winter without deer damage thanks to the fencing but I just noticed that rabbits went to town on the trunks. They've pretty well stripped them of bark and I'm fairly certain the trees won't survive. We planted the darn things when we built the house so they were just hitting 5 years old and now, kaput. ARGH! So I'm going to have to purchase rabbit guards for all the orchard trees before this happens to them.

We've got "build a better fence around the chicken pasture" (also known as the orchard) high on the list of things to do. For the trees and the new chickens.

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