Friday, October 13, 2017

Garden harvests

Remember how I said the garden wasn't very successful this year? Well, here's some evidence.

I planted three potato hills. This was the first harvest:
The great potato harvest
Fortunately the other two hills, which I let go nearly a month longer, yielded a few more potatoes. I got enough to make lunch for us any way. And they were delicious!

The tomato plants finally started really producing as we got some hot weather in September. And I harvested those two wee watermelon.

Beefsteak & cherry tomatoes, cukes, watermelon
Both were roughly this size
Fortunately the watermelon were actually really yummy. Much more like the watermelon I remember from my youth - sweet, juicy, and chock full of seeds.
We also had some volunteer sunflowers. Love the design of the seed ring.

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