Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Solutions and an update

I am frequently amazed at how kind and helpful the blogging community is. I reached out to two of the bloggers that I follow - one of whom was not a follower of mine nor had I ever commented on her site - and asked them about the photo storage. I received helpful answers that I'm working on implementing. Not their fault that I haven't managed to do so yet.

So! Another text heavy update.

We have power!!!!!! National Grid came by Friday afternoon and hooked us up to the pole. Our electrician (Greg) had activated two outlets in the house and we have another at the meter, so we can run equipment instead of using the generator. In fact, the generator has been returned to my dad (a fact that he is quite happy about as we're entering likely outage season).

The rough electrical is done and we only had a couple more changes to make to the layout. I had drawn up two schematics - one for outlets and one for lights and associated switches - for Greg to use and they carried those things around with them constantly. Greg loved it and said he wished all his customers would do them. Please note that I was flexible with it as they had to move some switches to better wall positions and I wasn't upset at all. Detailed oriented? Yes. Fanatically committed to a plan? Not so much.

We were blessed with warm weather Sunday and realized that we'd never have a better time to get the soffits up on the second story roof edge. We ran out and bought the 1x8s and stain Sunday morning and I had the first coat on before 2PM. Chris had to put on a second coat to get the depth of shade right (semi transparent stain in Slate) but he says they look great. The house will be natural board and batten, the windows are Sandtone, and the wood trim and supports will all be black. Well, semi transparent Slate apparently because they don't seem to carry a true black. See, still flexible.

Lowe's delivered the range and refrigerator Monday. Extremely exciting news as that means Chris will actually have refrigeration now. Neither of us are missing the irony of this arriving when temperatures are rarely above freezing and the ice in the cooler never actually melts anymore. Sigh.

That's about it. The roof tin is on site and the installers arrive Thursday. We're working on rough plumbing next. Should be fairly straight-forward as we purchased this nifty Pex manifold thingie and will be able to do straight runs of Pex with minimal joins. Excellent.

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  1. so impressed that you are doing all the work yourselves!