Monday, December 17, 2012

Cell reception

One of the big unknowns was what we were going to do about telephone up there. I am spectacularly unimpressed with our local phone company and therefore extremely reluctant to pay them $50 a month for limited phone service. But we had zero cell reception. Well, we had zero when we purchased the land. Lately, we've been getting intermittent service and it's been improving (slightly) over time. So we bit the bullet, did some research, and bought a cell booster.

We chose the whole house (ha!) booster from Wilson Electronics. Installed it this week and, lo and behold, we have cell service. Four bars!!!! On Chris's phone (Net-10). On my phone (Verizon), I get one bar, if I'm lucky. Dad's phone (AT&T) gets two bars at our place. We took the unit to his house and he gets four bars there. Now to explain that have to be within 5 feet of the antenna. However, you get cell reception in a place where you were basically cut off from civilization, so it's just a little ha and well worth the $250. Especially as that means we don't have to pay for a land line now. This is extremely exciting news for us.

It hasn't answered our internet quandary, but it gives us more focused questions to ask and I'm confident we'll get that licked soon too.

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