Tuesday, December 18, 2012


With construction power in place we've set up a temporary kitchen in the house. Oddly, it's in the living room, but hey, it's at least inside now. 

Making lunch in the "kitchen"
After stacking all the wood we decided to take a break and do something fun - we hung our door bell. Matt bought us an old fashion dinner bell a few years ago and it's now got a place of honor on the front porch. Feel free to ring it if you drop by.

Do you want it here?
Later that day we cut down a Christmas tree. From our own property. Now, our property is not Christmas tree friendly. Most of our trees are hardwoods and they're old enough that small trees have mostly choked out. But we did manage to find a tree. And a Charlie Brown tree it is!

It's got a few gaps...
 It's got enough gaps that you could throw a cat through it and not knock off any needles. But we think it's perfect for the house this year. Next year we'll have a full, beautiful tree. This year, we have a construction stage tree.
We improvised a tree stand. It's freezing inside so we're not worried about watering it. We just needed it  to stand upright. So we cut a section from a log that had bug damage (we killed the bugs, don't worry) and used wedges to get it to fit.

We put on some lights, added some very light-weight ornaments, and plugged it in.


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