Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More thankfulness

My brother has been an enormous help on this project. He gave us his time during the framing. He also gave us all of his framing knowledge and experience. In return we fed him lunches and agreed to help him when he builds his place. Given that his building schedule is not set yet, this basically means he gave us six weeks of his very busy life in return for a solid promise of help at some vague future date. And he did it with humor and good will.

As mentioned, we ran into rough plumbing issues this past weekend. Just couldn't quite see how to properly vent the system and run the waste pipes. Matt again rearranged his schedule and came up yesterday to help Chris through it. They swapped ideas, figured out a plan, got it approved by the inspector, and expect to be done by end of day Wednesday.

This type of help is not available to everyone. They either don't have family that can spare the time or don't have family that has the knowledge. We do. And we are so very thankful.

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