Thursday, October 13, 2022

Glazing the next batch

We realized we needed to make kiln cookies before we fired the next batch of glazeware. Kiln cookies protect your shelf in case of glaze drips and we had some pieces that were 100% covered in glaze - the scoops for example. So took a break to make some and then a few more pieces so we'd have enough to do a bisque fire. 

Perhaps we should have double fired the scoops instead? They're in the kiln so we'll find out soon.

A full kiln load - it's a small kiln!


Interior: Dark blue SM-21, poured

Exterior: Cobalt Celedon C-20 x 3

Exterior Bottom: Downpour C-25 x 2 plus some zigzags

Love this exterior color

Large Scoop

Interior: Dark blue SM-21 x 3

Exterior: Smoke C-3 x 3; Charcoal C-5 x 3; plus charcoal overlap

Medium Scoop

Interior and Exterior: Rainforest x 3

Small Scoop

Interior: Jade C-47 x 3

Exterior: Jade C-47 x 3

Handle & lip: Charcoal stripes x 3

Handle & exterior edge: Blue-green SM-29 x 3

Splotchy - likely the brush I used


Interior: Charcoal, poured

Rim: Charcoal x 1; Rainforest x 2 plus inside 1" x 1

Exterior: Rainforest x 3

Lid top Charcoal x 1, Rainforest x 2; Lid knob Charcoal x1, Rainforest x 2

Broke nicely on the texture

Large-mouth Funnel

Rim: waxed top 1/4"

Interior: Gloss White x 2 plus drip decorations of Cash Money Blue

Exterior: Cash Money Blue x 3

Bottom lip: Cash Money Blue x 3, Glass White x 1

Oh my. Failed with the bottle application. No run.


Interior: Smoke, poured then lightly brushed

Exterior: Smoke x 3, Textured Burgundy x 1 with drips encouraged

Lid top Smoke x 3; Lid handle Texture Burgundy x 1; Lid bottom Cash Money Blue x 2

This just came out bad
Think it needs more coats of the Texture Burgundy


Underglaze decorations on top with Clear x 2 over them

Oddly rough on the outside blue - not mixed enough?


Underglaze flower and handle details with Gloss White x 2 over them

Like the antique effect of white over underglaze


Bottom: Cash Money Blue x 3

Top: Haven't fired yet

Great rich color

Obviously we had some issues with the kiln stilts. The wire we used was simply too thin to support the weight of even the small scoops. So they fell and stuck to the kiln shelves. Bummer. Chris sanded them and they'll be fine for my intended use but we're making new furniture with heavier gauge wire. 

We've also got some learning to do on the application. Some of the glazes covered great and I'm convinced it's because I used the hake brushes instead of the cheap artist brushes. They hold more glaze and it glides on more smoothly. I've since ordered more of those.

Kiln cost to fire $3.04

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