Friday, October 14, 2022

Making Chris some new pants

Chris asked me to sew him some pants. I found a nice pattern "Men's Summer Pants" from WBM (Wardrobe by Me) and made up a muslin from some old flannel sheets. 

The muslin fit great so the next step was to pick a "real" fabric. The Fabrics-Store had some wonderful linen/cotton blend in their doggybag shop so I was able to buy a couple yards for a reasonable sum. The only downside being that it was bleached for dyeing. Which meant I had to get out the dye pot - not too much of a hardship I admit.

I mucked it up a bit. It was supposed to be a solid color (Timberwolf) but despite extensive stirring the fabric bunched up and created some organic shaped resists.

This looks way more purple than it really is

Fortunately Chris thought it looked cool so then it was just a matter of figuring out pattern placement so that I didn't end up with splotch marks in the crotch or ass.

Cooper helped, of course

The color is more accurate in that last photo - more of a deep gray/blue. I think I got the layout right. Won't really know for sure until they're sewn up and tried on. The good news is that I can always dye them again if needed.

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