Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cooper's new bed

I've already told the story of buying and stripping apart the bedroom chair that was to be Cooper's new bed. Turned out taking the thing apart was much easier than figuring out how to reupholster it again. I had no idea what I was doing.

Cooper anticipating completion
So I did what any self-respecting crafter does - I winged it. I wrapped the chair in batting then used  duck canvas on the frame. I had to do a lot of folding and tacking to get the heavy fabric to follow the curves of the chair. I also had to keep reminding myself that this was going to be a dog bed and that I never intend to upholster again. It didn't have to be perfect and I wasn't learning a permanent new skill. It was supposed to be fun dammit! Cut yourself a break!
Trying to fold around the leg. Argh.
I had a couple of old wool car blankets that I wanted to use as the cushion cover. But first I had to cut a new foam cushion to fit the shape of the chair - remember the old chair was horse hair and wool, no foam back then. What a total pain in the behind it is to cut foam. I used a long bladed serrated knife and really struggled. I've since learned that an electric knife is much easier to use.

Rather than actually make the cushion cover permanent I decided to just wrap it around the foam and tuck it in tight. If it ends up getting pulled out then I'll make a slipcover but I'd rather not cut the blanket if I can avoid it.
Nearly done.
I called Chris in to take a look and Cooper trailed along. And immediately checked out her new chair.
Is this mine?
Yup. It's mine.
We put in by the wood stove and she's been loving it ever since.
You can see in the photo above what I did with the second wool blanket - I folded it into a lumbar pillow. I think it makes the whole thing look more finished. I'm calling this project a success - just ask Cooper.

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