Monday, January 8, 2018

Planning the upstairs bathroom

Yup, after 5 years we're finally going to create the upstairs bathroom. It's served us well as a storage space - too well. I had to clear out boxes and boxes of stuff and then figure out where the contents should be permanently stored. One thing about a house with no basement, you have to really curate your "extras" since you have no overflow storage.

Anyway, the bathroom; here are the design thoughts. It's 9 feet by 7.5 feet so lots of square footage to mess about with. I've got an antique sideboard that I got from my Mom way back when - that's going to be turned into the sink cabinet. I've got a salvaged sink that will hopefully fit without too much rigging. If it turns out not to work, then I'll buy this one instead. So that's the sink and associated storage sorted.

The shower (no tub) will be 42"x42". We had that size in our old house and loved it. Large enough not to bump your elbows but small enough to hold in heat. Plus that gives us room for a framed closet on the shared shower wall. Nice! [Kick yourself note: I really should have planned more storage space upstairs. We have clothing storage but no miscellaneous storage for upstairs vacuum, suitcases, etc. This closet hopefully solves that issue but if we'd wanted a tub up there we'd really be screwed.]

There is a vent that sits directly above the wood stove and gets great air flow all winter long. Towel hooks will be installed on that wall and we'll have warm towels every morning! We'll also vent into the closet so that we have an airing cupboard like they do in England.

We've picked out sink faucet, shower controls, lights, and towel bars. The floor tile has been ordered (white penny tiles with a black tiled rug pattern), the materials to build the shower and closet walls have been purchased, we already own the white subway tile for the shower stall, the toilet was installed long ago, and I bought light gray paint for the walls. So we're just waiting for the shower pan to arrive and we can officially start construction. Sounds like a good winter project to me.

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