Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Miscellany - catching up on September and October

In between installing trim, visiting with family, and doing the normal chores we've also been working on little projects Throughout late September and October.

Chris started making me a bread bowl. I love seeing these things in antique stores and magazines. And he decided it would fun to make me one from some maple found on the property.

The beginnings of a large bread bowl (or trencher)
The cat adopted the wool tartan we brought back from our Scotland trip (more on in another post).

I started making our own training treats from the liver we got from the beef cow we had slaughtered. I use this recipe and Cooper loves them.

Easier to cut when the liver is frozen
Cooper is doing great. This is her favorite perch - it's chippie central around the flower garden. The perennials I got from my friend Jane are doing great, especially considering this was their first year.
She's also been entertaining doggie friends.

Chris dug out a drainage ditch in the woods to direct seasonal runoff. Hopefully this will help eliminate standing water and reduce the mosquito population. 

Inspecting the ditch

I brought the herbs in from the garden in late September and put them in pots. This one decided to go for a tractor ride to Dad's. Unfortunately the herb pots I kept died horrible deaths while we were away on vacation. Should have just left them in the ground. Oh well, lesson learned. 

Every tractor needs a plant
Chris got out the welder to help with a smokestack issue. So far so good (it's stayed on 5 months now).

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