Friday, January 29, 2016

Christmas 2015 (I know it's January; be nice)

The last catchup post for 2015! Hooray! 

We like to support local businesses and we typically buy a pre-cut tree from the family-owned local hardware store. But this year we found a local tree grower and got to cut our own. 

They grow the trees grouped by type (pine, hemlock, fir) so you can easily find the type you want. This year we chose a hemlock as I really wanted that wonderful aroma in the house. They provided an extremely sharp bow saw and Chris performed the harvest.

The perfect tree
Cooper got to come too! They allow "well-behaved" dogs, on lead, with poopy-bags. We were all set.
Surveying the crop
We chose a small tree (small being relative, it was about 6.5 feet but slim) to better fit the space. Loved that we had a lot of selection.
Christmas morning dawned bright and snowless.
Normally the house is cloaked in snow this time of year
And our Christmas morning walk was much more brown than usual.
One of the old streams - see the rock wall?
Cooper didn't mind the lack of snow but I kind of missed it.
She blends well
Still, sunrise was pretty and we spent a couple hours just wandering the property. This has become something of a tradition with us and it's a pleasant way to start the day.
Merry Christmas!

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