Monday, November 17, 2014

What to do with those Halloween pumpkins...

So, what do you do with your Halloween pumpkin once the holiday has passed? I thought it would make a nifty bird feeder!

Step 1 - cut it in half. That's pretty much the only step.
I threaded baling twine through some holes that I made with a screwdriver (this is a very exact process, isn't it?) and then tied the twine to sticks to get that special rustic look.

Hung it on a shepherd's hook, filled it with sun flower seeds, and voila! Attracted some birds.
Not at all shy. I'm a few feet away.

They like our purchased feeder too.
 I like how the orange pumpkin stands out against the fading Autumn colors. Bright and happy.
See, rustic.
Cooper likes the dropped seeds.

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